A portrait gift for someone special

portrait gift

We can snap millions of photos using our phones and digital cameras, and the photos we take are most of the time stored away in photo albums, hard drives or lost in the galleries upon galleries in our phones. In most cases we don’t open for months, maybe even years. A great way of turning those photo memories into something that can be enjoyed forever, is to turn it into a hand drawn portrait gift for your family and friends.

A pencil portrait gift can come in all shapes and forms. If there is a pet loved by a friend or someone in your family, celebrate their life with an A4 or A3 portrait which can be framed and cherished forever.

Is it someones’s birthday next month? Has there been a special occasion that could be captured in graphite forever? e.g. a wedding, the birth of a baby, a graduation, or simply a great holiday. If you’ve got some good quality images of the occasion, and want to surprise someone, a portrait gift would be the gift that kept on giving. I can turn your photos into beautiful portraits from as small as A5 upto large A1 sizes.

Whether you’re thinking about a portrait gift of a person or pet, let me know a little about the subject, their characteristics and personality and you can have a pencil portrait completed and returned within a month, depending on my schedules.

For details on how to commission a portrait click here

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