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Animal Portraits Oxfordshire

By Oxfordshire based animal portrait artist Rebecca Bolton | Popping Portraits

Hand drawn animal portraits from Oxfordshire artist

Hi I'm Rebecca, based in Oxfordshire, and I have a real passion for hand drawing pet portraits and their people too! I've been around pets all my life, and dogs in particular give me so much inspiration and enjoyment. Throughout my site you'll see a variety of different subject types including dogs, cats, children and their parents, but my favourites are always the animal portraits.

This passion for animals combined with a love of drawing enables me to produce original pieces of artwork, prints and commissioned pet portraits. I was recently asked by a friend, "why do you draw pets?" The answer is simple. I adore animals, especially dogs. They give their owners and family real happiness, and all for a pat on the head and a good bowl of nourishing food. They never ask for more than just a bit of attention, so how could I not love to draw them?

Pet portraits all the way from Oxfordshire

Whether you're living close by in lovely rural Oxfordshire or are browsing from far flung locations around the world, you're very welcome to enjoy an animal portrait crafted and drawn by myself.

One of the reasons I love drawing is because I get to talk and work with people across the world who all want to capture the love and soul of someone or something special in their lives. There is nothing more pleasing than receiving a new commission and getting to grips with the character to bring it to life on paper. Actually there is one thing better, and that's the lovely feedback once their drawing has been completed and delivered.

Feel free to browse my website and I will be happy to answer any queries by phone or email regarding commissions.

Choose your pose - a head study, full body portrait or a montage

I am very flexible with the way I work and offer options on composition of my pencil pet portraits. The popular option is a head or full body portrait, or even multiple animals within a scene. I love showing attention to detail in all my animal portraits, but this is particularly true with the head compositions where the line in each pencil stroke builds out the character and personality starting with the eyes.

I also offer contemporary montages made up of drawings of one or more animals which become a collection of studies. Typically the larger main study is the centrepiece, and up to 4 further studies around the edge complete the animal portrait montage. With a pencil montage I am often asked to draw animals in various poses and in different stages through their lives. For dogs this is particularly fun, showing playful times during puppy phase through to elegant poses of adulthood.

If you are interested in commissioning your own unique montage or a head or full animal portrait please get in touch by sending me your photos and details of the type of portrait you would like me to draw.

How to commission an animal portrait?

I've tried to make the process as simple as possible by putting together a step by step guide to Commmission a Portrait. Follow the link for all the details, but it all starts with a high quality, clear photograph to work from. If you have a selection of photos and they're easily at hand, upload them and we can then discuss and agree your requirements including, style, size of portrait, timescales and delivery details.

Before I do the final drawing, I'll sketch out the form of your portrait and send it over to make sure you're happy with the composition. I then get to work on the most enjoyable part of the commission process and commence drawing your animal's portrait.

For further information, please browse my galleries of pet portraits and people portraits, read a little more about myself and Popping Portraits, see my regularly updated blog, and get my full contact details here.

I look forward to working with you and drawing your animal's portrait!

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I'm so happy that I decided to get a portrait of grandad, the likeness is wonderful.

Jayne C

Just brilliant. I really can't thank you enough.

Danni B

Rebecca, you've done a great job capturing the likeness and the spirit of Benji, our beloved West Highland Terrier.

Stephen T

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