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pencil-portrait are a celebration of the subject

Pencil portraits are a celebration of the subject

Portraiture means many things to many people. I’ve often heard it described by peers and friends as a celebration of beauty.
hand drawn portraits in pencil

Hand drawn portraits

I specialise in a complete package of bespoke hand drawn portraits in pencil, created from your favourite photographs of people and pets.
pencil portrait from photos

Pencil Portraits From Photos

As the old English saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, where complex ideas can be conveyed with a single image...
pencil portraits of dogs

Dog portraits in pencil

The aim each time is to identify what the dog’s owners see in their pet, and show the spark that these animals have and the spark they can bring to people’s lives.
drawing more than a photograph

Portraits – a pencil drawing v photos

Drawing in itself is an expression of our humanity, and there is always something of the artist in a drawing as well as the subject.
portrait gift

A portrait gift for someone special

A great way of turning those photo memories into something that can be enjoyed forever, is to turn it into a hand drawn portrait gift for your family and friends.
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