Dog portraits in pencil

pencil portraits of dogs

Rebecca simply loves dogs, and always has done. Her love affair with dogs dates back to childhood, where the family dog and neighbour’s dog were always with her. Even routine walks to the local shops were never straight forward. She always wanted to greet every dog she passed and even cross the road to say hello. So drawing dog portraits seemed a logical progression later in life.

These days the love affair with dogs continues with almost every day devoted to drawing her customer’s favourite animals. The aim each time is to identify what the dog’s owners see in their pet. From this it’s about showing the spark that these animals have and the spark they can bring to people’s lives. Dog portraits have to be done from photos because they’re always distracted and never sit still. A photo helps to capture part of the dog character, and its down to the strokes of the pencil and her unique style to bring that character to the fore.

Typically, the detail in the ears and nose is always a challenge. But Rebecca focuses on the eyes to get an early indication of the dogs unique personality and charm. The eyes really are the key to unlocking a great dog portrait. There’s always many elements to getting the single character of the animal but the eyes are the windows of the soul. It’s a cliche because it’s true, and that’s where the life comes from, and naturally Rebecca’s favourite feature to work on.

Draw your own dog portraits in pencil

If you have an aptitude for drawing and wish to get into portraiture, there are always courses available to help your technique. Wherever you are in the world, do a local search and seek out portrait drawing courses near you. For example, City Academy run 1 day courses to introduce you to basic techniques, and using pencil, charcoal and paper you will look at proportion, shading, expression and capturing facial characteristics.

A pet portrait of your dog drawn by Rebecca can be commissioned here.

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