Hand drawn portraits

hand drawn portraits in pencil

I specialise in a complete package of bespoke hand drawn portraits in pencil, created from your favourite photographs of people and pets.

I take a lot of pride in the work that I do for my lovely customers, not just for financial reasons but for my own well being. Drawing has become my own self-made therapy giving me the opportunity to escape from life’s ever-changing challenges, where it unconsciously resolves them during the process of creating people or pet portraits.

One of the highlights for me is hearing the beautiful stories about the subjects I get the chance to draw. It’s quite often I get asked to draw portraits of family members or pets who are no longer with us, and it gives me great satisfaction recreating them. Connecting these stories with the final pencil portrait is a treat for me, where I take great pride achieving something that will be treasured, forever.

Every hand drawn portrait I complete needs to capture the essence of the subject such as their smile, twinkle in the eye, or anything that makes them unique. I try to evoke emotion for the person viewing as I’m able to not just redraw a photo of the person but capture a bit of their soul.

There really isn’t any limit to the type of portrait I can create. Obviously I can’t resist the temptation to encourage everyone to ask for people portraits and dog portraits, but really enjoy drawing everything. So while I do mostly people and pet portraits, I welcome hand drawn pet portraits of all kinds from horses, cats, pigs, rabbits… you name it, I’d love to draw it.

If you’re interested in commissioning a portrait see the processes to follow here, or drop me line and let me know what you want me to draw.

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