Pencil Portraits From Photos

pencil portrait from photos

As the old English saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, where complex ideas can be conveyed with a single image. When I look at my customers’ pets I really believe there is no better way to describe their personality than via a picture. Whether it’s a photo, painting, sketch or pencil portraits from photos, their unique characteristics say and mean so much more.

Capture the personality of your pet with a pencil portrait from photos

Dogs, cats or horses, whatever your favourite pet or animal, one way of capturing the personality forever is through the medium of pencil. I create pencil portraits from photos to capture those unique features and charm which you have always loved. Unlike a photo which is a static reproduction of your pet, a pencil portrait helps to tell their story.

I prefer to create pet portraits by working from good quality photos. Ideally I would like to have a series of images to work from to enable me to understand some of the subjects charm and character. I always produce a basic sketch to show the composition and form of your pet and then email this to you. With your approval I set to work recreating your pet with pencil strokes. Creating pencil portraits from photos has become a real passion for me, and there is no better feeling than seeing your pet’s unique charm and characterises come to life as I work on reproducing the likeness for you to treasure forever.

Pencil portraits from photos of someone special in your life

I’m not limited to drawing pets, even though these are my most common commission. I love to reproduce the likeness and bring out the character in people too. A pencil portrait of a friend, relative or someone special in your life helps to capture and deliver thousands of memories. I can make a pencil portrait from your photos at whatever size you want. Typically I work on A5 being the smallest up to A1 being the largest commission, but if you want even larger this is always possible.

Commission a pencil portrait

Pencil portraits of people and pets can capture a single moment in time, and help preserve their personality forever. If you want to discuss a pencil portrait and how they can be powerful and emotive reproductions please get in touch. If you wish to commission a pencil portrait you can upload your photos here.

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